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And The Brokenness Remains

    “Jesus wept.” This verse found in John 11:35 is the most poignant sentence ever written.  Two words, expressing one idea, boiled down to the simplest of words. A poem contained in a subject and a verb. The implications … Continue reading

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What to Post in a Post-Christian World?

My head is spinning. As a Christian reading the news, I can hardly keep up with the rapid change that seems to have overtaken the country. Fast-Food Companies being demonized for the beliefs of their CEOs, Louie Giglio asked not … Continue reading

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Hellfire, Damnation, and Christian Cartoons…

What does hellfire and damnation preaching have in common with many Christian cartoons? The answer is that often times they implore the same methods to try to get their point across. There are two types of evangelistic preaching. You can … Continue reading

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The Cross: Supenaturally Natural

How do you look at the cross? What do you see going on there when you picture Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross? Do you see a lamb lead to slaughter? Do you see just a man dying for what … Continue reading

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An Important Distinction…

It has been almost a year since my wife and I lost our sanity and accepted the call to become Winshape foster parents. In that time I have learned many things, mainly about my own selfishness, my impatience, and my … Continue reading

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What If….?

What if…? That is the question our 17 year old daughter kept asking herself on Saturday night. It wasn’t just any normal Saturday night. This was the daddy-daughter dance, except she wasn’t with her dad, she was with “Mr. Todd”. … Continue reading

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