The Blog Posts I Didn’t Write….

It has been awhile since I have written anything on this blog. Life as a professional dad with 7 kids is crazy. There is a 3 hour window each night from about 8pm till 11pm in which I have the potential time to write. Yet, lately I have been using that time to catch my breath. We are still getting getting over the holiday hangover (that is figurative, of course). When I don’t have time to write a blog, I still find myself with ideas for blog post. They are usually just random thoughts that I am thinking. If I don’t have time for a blog post I usually just think of a title for the blog post, save that, and hope that when I do have time I will remember what the title means. Well over the past year I have more titles than actual blogs and if the past couple of months taught me anything there is probably going to be zero chance in the next 18 years that I have any more free time then I do right now.

So, instead of deleting all my draft ideas (a.k.a lame titles for most likely lame blog post) I have decided to clean out my old blog closet. So the following is the titles to blog posts never written with about a two sentence summary of what I think I was thinking. I think…

Stop Kid-ding Around

The idea for this blog post came from listening to a lot of NFL coaches and sports radio guys talk about guys like Tim Tebow and Ndamukong Suh. It kept irritating me that these sports analysts often referred to these guys as kids. The main point to my irritation was that we need to raise the bar for young men in this country. Titles you give to people matter. If you call Tim Tebow, “a good kid” you downplay his humility to simple naivete. Or if you excuse Ndamukong Suh for his play on the field by saying he just a “good kid that needs to grown up”, you passively dismiss the responsibility he has as an adult to play the game with more maturity and control.

Humility, Sin, and Text Messages

Text messages are convenient, yet horrible means of communication. It is hard to tell someone’s tone and understand the nuisances of communication in the broken language of text messages. We may read wrongly into a text that someone is angry, sarcastic, being short, or avoiding us when this isn’t the case. That being said we need to humble ourselves and not read into texts something that isn’t there or take the time to actually talk to someone before prescribing motive or tone. Realizing our sin nature is at work even as we read a text from someone.

Becoming a “No” man

People can ask you to do all sorts of good things. I realized that the ability to say “no” to people is not mean or dismissive, but can be humbling. When we can say “no” to things we are admitting our limited abilities to get things done and humbling submitting to the fact that we are finite people with finite abilities to get things done. Only God gets his To-Do list done everyday. (I think I saw that on a bookmark in a Christian Book Store. I think it had a picture of a smiling unicorn on it. Which made it all the more strange.)

Are Veggie Tales Christian?

I have thought about this one a lot. Not to say I don’t like watching Veggie Tales, I do. But are they Christian? I would say that for the most part they are not. They are good moral tales and entertaining for children, but aren’t Christian tales. If we define Christianity by Veggie Tales we would find out that Christianity means that we are unique and special in God’s eyes (not bad, just not complete) and that we should do morally good things like tell the truth, not lie, and not gossip. Even the Old Testament stories of the Bible are Christian because they are not complete stories within themselves. They point to a greater story God is telling about his redeeming work. I would like to see that in Veggies Tales. Like if they ended each episode saying “God made you special, but….”or “So kids that is the story of Gideon, but the story doesn’t end there…” Leave it at that. Leave the kids asking their parents to finish the story for them with the Gospel truth of sin, redemption, and resurrection. At least the creators would be admitting the incompleteness of the moral tales.

If I Owned a Cattle on a 100o Hills

Ever pray for someone and wish that you had enough money to bless this person or that? Buy that single mom a new car, get that person the surgery they needed without having to worry about insurance costs. I do. Then I thought about all the resources that God has and yet he doesn’t always do that, if rarely. Why? Too often I think too simply. That money can bless people. When God, who has ever resource in the universe and every freedom to release it as he wills, still allows people to suffer. God’s desire is not that we be rid of suffering in this lifetime, but that our experiences, both of plenty and want, bring us to worship and glory in him more. Sometime we get to bless people as stewards of God’s resources and sometimes we get to bless people while we suffer with them.

Kids say the Darndest Things

It was reported to me by wife that earlier this year Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were thinking about getting married. I can’t remember the exact quote but they said the idea was sparked by their children. Their children keep asking them when they are going to get married. It amazes me that the children can sense what we all know. That marriage is good for a family. That marriage brings stability, security, and peace. Here are kids that have everything they could ever want, yet they still desire to have a mom and a dad that are committed to each other. Its amazing how the simple can bring wisdom to the “wise”.

Jesus and Questions

I can’t remember what this was going to be about. I was probably simply amazed how Jesus uses questions to teach. Jesus uses questions to search the heart and help people own the truth. I was probably trying to work out how to do that in my own life. Asking questions more and preaching less.

What ESPN can Learn from MTV

MTV should be and could’ve been the leader of the music industry on new talent, new trends, and analysis of good new music. What they have become is a reality show for the banally minded. ESPN should learn from what I think is MTV’s mistake. I have always said this about sports. The truly great drama in sports is in the sport. You don’t have to script it. You don’t have to control it. And you don’t have to turn it into a reality show. Let sports be sports. ESPN is at the point and maybe past that where they are going to go down either two roads. Be the best analyst of sports in the industry, bring consumers new sports and a broader broadcast of all kinds of sports. Or becoming an industry of themselves. Making the lifestyles of the athletes the story, building their own brand of reality tv, having so many voices looking for the newest and sensational way of saying things, that the drama on the field takes a back sit to the drama off the field until you no longer are concerned about the true drama on the field that made you so good in the first place. ( Run-on sentence alert)

Even the Seasons Declare the Gospel

I am sure there are poets that have talked about this better and, well, more poetically. But if you are blessed enough to live in a state that has seasons (sorry Alaska, Minnesota, and Florida) you get to see a reminder all year long of the Gospel of Jesus hidden in nature. Death (Winter), Rebirth/New Life (Spring), Sowing/Discipleship( Summer), and Harvest (Fall). And each season has its own unique beauty. And since Tennessee has a some of the most beautiful season in the country, can only point to the fact that God must love Tennessee more.

There you have it. My blog post closet is empty Old ideas are gone and I am ready for a year full of semi-lame blog post that may or may not ever be written. Enjoy.


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4 Responses to The Blog Posts I Didn’t Write….

  1. jameshemi says:

    You have at least one fan who loves your blog and looks forward to reading what your mind is thinking. I can also sympathize with the business(read responsibility) of life taking precedent over some of the things we wish we could put more time into. Hang in there and keep writing when you can. I’ll be watching out for the next (not-so-lame) post.

  2. I wan going to text you my comment, but then I read this post. Guess I will just wait…

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