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I’ve Walked a Mile In Her Shoes…(Part 2)

Yesterday I tried to give a man’s version of a mother’s job. I tried to give some analogies to help husbands understand what it might feel like to be a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM). Today I want to give … Continue reading

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I’ve Walked a Mile in Her Shoes…(and my feet hurt!)

My wife and I have just finished up our first year as permanent foster-parents. So, along with raising our three, “natural” children we have been given the task of raising as many children as God sees fit to bring into … Continue reading

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Randomness #3

I actually am working on an actual blog post, but until then you’ll have to deal with my random thoughts for the week. 1. What if we all answered questions like we were a candidate for president? Have you heard … Continue reading

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