Randomness #2

It’s time for my second installment of random thoughts, ideas, and questions that roll around my head each week. I was hoping to actually write a blog post article sometime this week, but that hasn’t happened. My fear is that all this blog will turn into is my random thoughts….oh wait…too late. I guess that has been the point from the beginning.

No matter. Here is this weeks 5 random thoughts to entertain you, challenge you, and make you think deeper.

1. I don’t think I could ever play professional tennis. It not because of my abilities. I mean, it is true that I am no good at tennis. No it has more to do with the ability to play a game while you have a tennis ball tucked into your shorts. You know how they give each player two balls when they are serving. Well, if the first serve is good then they have to play the whole point with a tennis ball protruding out of their shorts. That would just bug me. I would serve the ball and then just start thinking “Oh yeah, there’s a tennis ball still in my pocket. How do I get rid of that thing and still run around out here and score a point.” By that time I would see by opponents forehand shot go flying by.

2. Slinky’s have to be the most successful selling toy that never actually worked like they are supposed to. I don’t know if toy manufacturers or Consumer Reports keeps tabs on something like that like they have a “Best Selling Toy category and then they have a “Best Selling Toy that no one can actually get to work properly but they still buy them” category. Has anyone ever bought a slinky, taken it home, set it at the top of the stairs, and watched it “walk” all the way down them. Maybe it makes two, maybe three stairs. Then nothing. Yet we have like 3 of them in my house right now.

3. If you are a father and have daughters and don’t get choked up to the song “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman something is wrong with you.

4. Brian Regan has got to be the funniest comic alive today.

5. I have a great idea for a News website. It is called “Timeline News”. It lets you search for any topic that is in the news lately and then shows you a timeline with links to articles written about that specific topic so you can follow a news story from the moment it started to make headlines. Most news organization are competing with the 24 hours news cycle and never seem to recap the background behind a story much these day. So if you miss the first couple of days of a news story, you tend to miss the background. All you end up getting is what happened that day. So it makes it harder to follow along. This would allow you to see a news story from the time it broke until present day. Too bad I don’t know how to develop a website or I would try my skills out on this one. So if anyone steals this idea, I will probably sue you and then get Justin Timberlake to play me in the movie version of our story. We can split the royalties 60/40.


About Todd Van Dyke

Father, Husband, Son, and most of all lover of Christ.
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