A Birthday Wish List….


One of our boys is turning 7 on Friday. Sarah asked him to list a “couple” of things he might want for his birthday. He came back later with a list of 20 things he wanted for his birthday. You have to know Ryan to really get this, but it is funny none-the-less. Here they are:

1. DS -as in a Nintendo DS

2. DigtalCaMra- a digital camera

3. tin foil-Yep, tin foil. Why? Only Ryan knows

4. Vide Cam- Video Camera

5. MOlDing Clay

6. COMPuter

7. Small Video Player

8. Moves – a.k.a movies

9. radio

10. MarBels

11. Robot

12. A PaC of Bateris- a pack of batteries

13. Bible

14. Desk

15. Enter net- our personal favorite

16. seeds- he wants to plant a garden I think

17. lots of paper

18. 7 reel &- We later found out he meant 7 real dollars ($ not &). In case he didn’t get all 20 things.

19. small treuser chest- a small treasure chest for all his bounty

20. costumes

There you have it. A wish list only our 7 year old would come up with.


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Father, Husband, Son, and most of all lover of Christ.
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One Response to A Birthday Wish List….

  1. Mark says:

    For Isaac’s 6th birthday this month he asked for a stuffed snowflake and a stuffed I. Of course when he asked I initially thought ‘stuffed eye’. :) so, thanks to his grandmother, Isaac has gotten his stuffed I and will get a stuffed snowflake probably this week while in FL.

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