Thursday’s Self-Depricating Humor

So this last weekend Sarah and I were able to get away for the weekend. I love family trips with Sarah in the car. All we need for some good entertainment is the radio. We have the best time busting out some car radio karaoke, we might briefly stop on the R&B radio station to bust out some G-rated car seat-club dancing, or we play name that band.

In this instance it was name that band. The voices were so distinct. The song a classic. Sarah quickly asked, “Who is that?”. I was amazed that Sarah could not figure out who it was playing on the radio. Their voices so distinct, their music so unique, that I knew Sarah would have one of those, “Ohh, I knew that!” moments when I finally decided to descend from my ivory tower of musical knowledge and let her in on her obvious oversight.

I gave it a pregnant pause, to give her a second chance to come up with the answer, but more honestly to give her time to submit to my vast musical knowledge and beg for the answer she knew I must know. The confidence on my face assured her I had the answer and she did not.

I think I first must let you in on a family secret. I don’t know how far back this goes in my family, but all Van Dyke men have the amazing ability to say things with amazing confidence. I am not sure if it is a motto in my family, but it probably should be. I’ve seen it play out with my dad, my brothers, and myself. The motto would be this: “If there is anything worth saying, it is worth saying with the full confidence you are right.” We Van Dyke men have been able to overcome alot of doubt by our ability to confidently give an answer to any question. Whether we truly know the answer or not. We try not to let minor details of factual veracity get in the way of our confidence of being right.

So this genetic defect or asset, depending on how you see it, kicked in while riding in the car with my wife. And with full confidence in my answer, confidence that my wife would once again fall in love with her amazingly smart husband, and with an air of pride, and smarty-pant-ness, I looked over at my wife and said:

“Ummmm, this is a little band (add thick sarcasm here) known as Simon and Guthrie!”

(Now in the nano-seconds before I gave her my answer it didn’t seem quite right but I couldn’t figure out why.)

As soon as the words “Simon and GUTHRIE” came out of my mouth I saw my pride smash against the sheer laughter on my wife’s face. Oh how quickly the tables turned!

“Simon and GUTHRIE?, Simon and Guthrie? You mean Simon and Garfunkel?!” she said with all the joy and pride that she now deserved.

“Yeah, I meant Simon and Garfunkel, of course,” I said trying to maintain some sort of pride in the midst of my utter failure.

I quickly waved the white flag and laughed as hard as she was laughing. Although she got the last laugh as she was able to laugh and text my sister-in-law and her best friend all at the same time.


About Todd Van Dyke

Father, Husband, Son, and most of all lover of Christ.
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