My Short Take on a Long Subject…

A lot of things are being written about social media, its impact, and its value these days. I’ll add my short take on a long subject and give a simple opinion to a complex issue.

Throughout history, every great leap forward in communication, be it the printing press, the Television, or the internet has also seen a great leap forward for evangelism.

The human heart will grow dull with pornography, violence, and the banality that is our “status updates” and “tweeter feeds”, but it will be eternally satisfied and yet at the same time hungry for more of the Gospel when it is found. My status updates, tweeter feeds, blog post, and the like are not living and active. They are as dull as a one-edged butter knife. Yet His Word is living and active, sharper then a double edged sword.

Social media has given the everyday Christian immense power to infuse the banal with the authentic, the dead words with the Living Word, the hopeless with the Hope, and the bad news with the only Good News that matters.


About Todd Van Dyke

Father, Husband, Son, and most of all lover of Christ.
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