Happy Birthday Gideon!


Yes! Pursue it!

-Lord confirm this Lord! 12/31/04

That is what is scribbled down in an old journal. A pretty unassuming little thought from the Lord to me about adoption. It was probably written after a time of prayer with the Lord and that was the feeling I left with. So I wrote down the word “adoption” and then wrote down what I felt like the Lord was saying about it: “Yes! Pursue it!”. Then the Thomas in me asks of the Lord to confirm it. To be exact, “Lord, confirm this Lord!” I am not sure why all the exclamation points and why the double use of the word “Lord”. Maybe I was asking him for a really big confirmation. It came, even if unbeknown to me.

Three Days after that prayer, January 3rd, 2005, in a small township outside the capital city of Liberia. In one of Liberia’s most dangerous slums the Lord was answering my prayer and starting my family. Melody Richard Ross was born. He would always be known to me in my heart as “Gideon: a mighty man of valor”.

Unsure if Gideon was even born in a hospital and with records and technology of a Third World Country, there is a chance that he could have been born three days earlier then reported. Making my prayer and his birth coincide.

No matter. What is apparent is that God had placed a desire in my heart for my son before I even knew he existed. It would be 13 months before I would see my son’s face through an email from the orphanage. No wonder my first thought was “That is my son!” when I saw his picture. God had been preparing me for that moment for 13 months.

It just goes to show you how the Lord works. How many prayers in your life have already been answered, yet God is patiently preparing you to receive the answer. How many of the desires of your heart were actually born first in His heart and our simply gifts He has entrusted you with? The Lord works for those who wait, even when you don’t know you are waiting.

And now 6 years later, I thank God for his answered prayers. I thank him for those 13 months of preparation in the dark, not knowing that my prayers had already been answered. And I thank Him for Gideon Ross Van Dyke as he turns 6 today!

You know what the next journal entry was:

Write more. It is a good avenue to express thoughts and to clarify them. 12/31/10


About Todd Van Dyke

Father, Husband, Son, and most of all lover of Christ.
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6 Responses to Happy Birthday Gideon!

  1. danielkbrantley says:


  2. Ashley Baker says:

    Love this! Happy Birthday Gideon : )

  3. Keri Sutton says:

    What an incredible story & journey! Happy Birthday Gideon!

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