An Angelic View of Christmas

Along with Luke 2, A Cosmic Christmas by Max Lucado, has become one of our family Christmas traditions. You might find it under the title An Angel’s Story. A Cosmic Christmas might have sounded too wacky for the publishers, I’m not sure. I love reading it to the kids. It gives a glimpse of what might have been going on in the angelic ranks during the Christmas seasons. It is a fun book to think about how all of creation was preparing for the most important event is the history of Salvation. There is one part of the book that I love to read and reflect on so I share it with you.

In it, the angel Gabriel has just witnessed the birth of Christ. He is now marveling and trying to come to grips with what he has just seen. The King of the Universe in the lowly state of a baby. Here is an excerpt.

“All of God was in the infant. Light encircled His face and radiated from His tiny hands. The very glory I had witnessed in His throne room now burst through His skin.

I felt we should sing but did not know what. We had no song. We had no verse. We had never seen the sight of God in a baby. When God had made a star, our words had roared. When He had delivered His servants, our tongues had flown with praise. Before His throne our songs never ended.

But what do you sing to God in a feed trough?” p. 90-91

And then again Gabriel reflects:

“Do you know who you hold, Mary? You secure the Author of grace. He who is ageless in now moments old. He who is limitless is now suckling your milk. He who strides upon the stars, now has legs too weak to walk; the hands which held the oceans are now an infant’s fist. To Him who has never asked a question. you will teach the name of the wind. The Source of language will learn words from you. He who has never stumbled, you will carry. He who has never hungered, you will feed. The King of creation is in your arms.

What manner of love is this?” p 95-96

By the end of the book the angels found a song to sing to God in a feed trough. It was simply.

“Glory, Glory, Glory to God in the Highest.”

If we do nothing during the Christmas season, if our heads can’t get wrapped around the enormity of what has taken place on our behalf, and if we can’t remember all the verse to the Christmas hymns, it might be enough just to stop and ask, “What manner of love is this?” When the answer seems too complex to understand this side of heaven, may we offer a simple song:

Glory, Glory, Glory to God in the Highest! Glory, Glory, Glory to God in the Highest. Glory, Glory, GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!

About Todd Van Dyke

Father, Husband, Son, and most of all lover of Christ.
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