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A Resolution to Pray

In about a week or more, many people’s thoughts will be switching from celebrating the Christmas season to getting things ready for the new year. I always enjoy the “best of” recaps of 2010, whether it be sports, global news, … Continue reading

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An Angelic View of Christmas

Along with Luke 2, A Cosmic Christmas by Max Lucado, has become one of our family Christmas traditions. You might find it under the title An Angel’s Story. A Cosmic Christmas might have sounded too wacky for the publishers, I’m … Continue reading

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The Art of War or is it The War of Art?

Children are by their nature sinners.  They inherited it from Adam, their first father.  It is his fault.  Since they too have been compromised completely from the Fall, they like their father Adam, will try from time to time to … Continue reading

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Where Theology Stirkes the Heart…

I have this thing I like to do during Christmas time.  To accomplish this thing I need a little time and an empty house.  I put in a Christmas CD with all the Christmas hymns.  And then I go about … Continue reading

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