There’s No Crying in Baseball…

“Are you crying? Are you crying?  There’s no crying in Baseball. THERE IS NO CRYING IN BASEBALL.”

I love that scene from the movie “A League of Their Own” with Tom Hanks.  I would post it here but there is some questionable language in it.  Funny all the same.  Tom Hank’s character is a manager of an all female baseball team.  When one of his players lets the the tying run get on second base and ultimately get the lead, he decides to let one of his players have it.  She starts to cry.  And he begins on his tirade.  “There’s no crying in baseball!”

Parenting is like that.  Daily I want to tell my children, “Ellis, there is no crying at breakfast, there is NO CRYING at breakfast.”

“Gideon, there’s no crying when you don’t get the 5th piece of bacon.  There’s no crying over bacon!”

And so I had another moment like that yesterday.  We were in church with the whole family.  We took up almost an entire row.  All the kids were with us.  It was Sarah, Gideon, Myself, R. K, and a new girl that might come to live with us.  It came to the part of the service for communion.  We told R and K not to take communion and that we would explain why afterwards. (Sarah and I wanted to talk to them about its meaning, significance, and  the fact that this isn’t just “adult snack time”.) We knew that they would wonder about it.  Communion trays were passed and the tears began to fall.  K. didn’t understand why she didn’t get this adult snack that alot of other people were getting.

After the service was over she was still sulking and crying.  I took her off to the side to ask her why she was crying.  Through her alligator tears, she told me she didn’t understand why she didn’t get “it” (communion) too.

In all honesty I was a little frustrated.  We had told her that we would explain the situation to her later and here she was crying.  I wanted to be like Tom Hank’s character, “There’s no crying in communion.  There’s no crying in communion!”  But I stopped for a second and realized that this was the perfect and appropriate response.

K was missing out on something.  She wasn’t apart of the group.  Others were able to partake of something special that she wasn’t able to partake in yet.  She was sad.  She was crying.  And most importantly she was asking “Why”.  Her emotions lead her to questions why she didn’t get to be apart of the group.  She liked what she saw and wanted to be apart of it. I mean isn’t’ that what our fellowship, worship, and devotion should produce in outsiders.

So just before I started to go on my tirade of “There’s no crying in communion”, I paused and told her that I would love for her to partake of communion with us.  And that if she wanted to that we would talk about how she could do that soon.  We got to talk a lot about Jesus yesterday.  And I realized that sometimes in life, parenting, and church, crying is exactly what you should do.


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Father, Husband, Son, and most of all lover of Christ.
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2 Responses to There’s No Crying in Baseball…

  1. stephanye says:

    This is one of my favorite lines from a movie. We use it all the time without having seen any spiritual connotations (now I have something to ponder). It’s especially useful when you have 3 teenage girls playing basketball on a team that rarely wins:)

    Another favorite movie line comes from Dirty Dancing. It’s a scene where Baby attends an after hours worker party with a nerdy worker. Johnny (AKA Patrick Swazey), the cool guy, asks what she’s doing there (she’s not a worker, but a paying guest at the camp). Baby (Jennifer Gray) responds quickly, “I carried a watermelon”. You may not get this quote from my explanation. But, I’ve said it to myself over and over since I was 14 yrs. old. When I say something really stupid, I think to myself, “I carried a watermelon”.

    • Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

      I know the quote because my wife knows the quote. I can almost quote all of Steel Magnolias too. No, no. Not because I have watched it a lot, but because my wife knows the movie by heart.

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