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Opinion #3457695038 on the Ground Zero Mosque

Lately I have had a lot of people ask me my expert opinion on the Ground Zero Mosque situation. (By “a lot” I mean absolutely no one)  So I thought I would write a blog post about what I think … Continue reading

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Just for laughs.

Its a light day here at the Van Dyke house.  Busy weekend so I have not had time to mine the depths of my brain for any Blog posts.  Instead, today I give you two things that can always make … Continue reading

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Hey Dad, Watch This…

Well it happened.  I figured it would.  I figured our 5 year old foster daughter might be first to do it.  And she did.  There we were, swimming in the lake.  I was in the water and she was jumping … Continue reading

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May I Ask Who’s Calling?

So we are getting settled in here at our new house.  Still unpacking, not a single picture hung on the walls, but we will get to that eventually I am sure.  One thing that is different in this new house … Continue reading

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A Bedtime Story (you shouldn’t read to your children)

My wife recently picked up a book at a library book sale.  Now think about this,  libraries have sales to get rid of books they no longer want, no longer need, and people no longer read.  Which makes complete sense … Continue reading

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To my wife…

I’m a fairly sensitive husband.  My wife and I decided 4 years ago that when we brought Gideon home from Africa to start our family, she would stay at home with him.  She would become a Stay At Home Mom … Continue reading

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I’m sorry Sir, “Normal” doesn’t live here anymore!

All day yeyesterday all I could sing in my head was Steven Curtis Chapman’s song  “Dive”.  Okay, I didn’t sing the song just the first two lines of the chorus.  It goes like this: “I’m divin’ in, I’m going deep… … Continue reading

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