Update: July 30th, 2010

There are many of you that are wanting to know how we are doing and what we are up to.  It has been a crazy month.  We started the month with two children and will end the month with 5 children.  Throw in there a child-birth, a move, a mini-immediate family reunion, and we have been busy to say the least.

Here is the time line of the last two-three weeks:

Monday July 12th 9:31 am-Esther is born.

Wednesday July 14th-Released from the hospital and head home…to pack.

Thursday July 15th- Take 2 day old baby to pick up the truck with us.  Esther has already had to learn to roll with it.  She is doing well.

Thursday July 15th- Load Truck.  Thanks to Robert, Justin, Jake, Whitney, and Jon.

Friday July 16th- Pack more stuff, go to Lifeway and Borders books, dumpster dive to get more boxes.

Saturday July 17th- Move down to Cleveland.  Thanks again to all the Daniels boys, Phil, Whit, Justin, Robert, Aaron, and Chris.  It took only 45 minutes to unload the truck.

Sunday July 18th- Back up to Knoxville to pick up odds and ends at the House.

Monday July 19th-Seriously can’t remember what happened this day.

Tuesday July 20th- Todd day trip to Atlanta, GA.  Sarah was greeted by friends from Knoxville armed and ready to help her unpack

Wednesday July 21st- Again this day is a fog.

Thursday July 22nd- First day alone as the Van Dyke family.

Friday July 23rd- Sarah and I pack up the kids and head up to Wilderness at the Smokies, you know the indoor/outdoor waterpark-hotel. Our plans was to arrive up there at 11am.  We quickly realized that, with 3 children now and 2 more to come soon, we will never be on time again in our lives.  It was an eventful drive up.  Sarah and I drove separately and I managed to get into a wreck on the interstate while driving through Knoxville.  God was good.  No damage to either truck.  I hit the back of another truck who had to slam on his brakes.  The big Chevy 1500, dooley, farm truck actually laughed a little when my Ford Ranger bounced off his bumper.

2:00pm-We finally arrive and the swimming began.  This was also the first time that my children got to meet their all cousins for the first time.  It was a blast.  FYI: Ellis loves wave pools and Gideon has the ability to say “Hey Dad watch this!” Non-stop for two days straight.

Sunday July 24th- Head to Knoxville house, pack up more stuff, head back down to Cleveland

Monday July 25th-Bama and Baba arrive to help out.

Tuesday July 26th-the present- These days can be summed up this way; unpack, clean, feed children, change diapers, clean, unpack, sleep. Repeat.

So there we are.  We are getting settled.  As much as you can get settled with a new-born and trying to prepare a house for two more children to come live with you.

There are some fun new things that come with this job.  I love my new co-workers and they love me.  I am thinking about sparking up an “office” romance with one of them.  That is actually encouraged in this new job.  Gideon thinks everyday is Saturday because I am around the house most days.  Which means he expects pancakes for breakfast each morning.  It was a Saturday ritual back in Knoxville.  Ellis is fascinated with the doors in the house.  These doors actually shut properly.  Bad thing is they lock too.  She has already locked herself in one room and locked the door to another closet we didn’t have a key for.  If you come to Cleveland you will know which one I am talking about.  It is the door that no longer has a door knob on it.  It was beaten to a pulp with a hammer to get back into it.

So that’s where we are.  We are embracing the fact that life as normal will never be quite normal again.



About Todd Van Dyke

Father, Husband, Son, and most of all lover of Christ.
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3 Responses to Update: July 30th, 2010

  1. Pam Martin says:

    Sounds like your rolling with life . Just tie a knot every now and then so you can hold on. Pam

  2. Keri Sutton says:

    Todd-you are so funny! I’m ready to come see y’all and help any way I can! Tell Sarah I said hey!

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