The Wrong Answer..

Sarah and I are part way through our latest transition in life.  To say this is a busy time in life would be an understatement.  As it stands, Sarah and I just had a baby, are getting ready to move (like this week or next), and are starting a new job.  We started July with two children, Gideon and Ellis, now have another beautiful baby, Esther, and will end July with two more children coming into our home, as a part of our new job at Winshape Homes as house parent’s.

Our new job will have us taking care of up to 12 children!  We can’t wait.  Wow what a change.

As we have been able to share to the new season of life the Lord has us transistioning into, the crazy month we will have, and the work we will be putting our hearts and hands to, most people say something like:

“Wow, that is crazy.  I could never do that!”

I tend to say something back like, “We are real excited.  We can’t wait.”

The honest answer we should be telling people is, “We can’t do it either!”

How do you move, change jobs, welcome a new baby into this world, take care of the ones God has already given you, and welcome two more children into your home that aren’t your own, and stay sane.  The answer I should give you and embrace is  , “We can’t do it!”

I say that we should embrace it because the glorious hope is that, where our own strength ends, God’s grace abounds.  The great hope in being able to say “We can’t do it”, is that we easily turn toward our faith in Jesus Christ and his all sufficient grace.  He is doing this work.  It is not us, but Christ.  In this transition, we must echo John the Baptist and declare, “He must become greater, we must become less.”

We look to embrace the way He will reveal himself to us in this new work, rather then the strength we can muster to get through each day.  We look to put on display, not Sarah and Todd’s patience, parenting skills, or love, but the Father’s great love for us.  That He would ask us to partner with Him in showing this world that human strength has its limits, but God’s grace does not.  The fact that God uses sinful, broken parents to create a home for broken children is a display of his grace upon our lives as well we don’t fully understand.

It is, then a good thing, to be able to come to a place where you say “I can’t do this!”  Our inability is not a liability for God.  Is is actually the way He creates a blank canvas out of our lives to put the Gospel on full display.  This new season is not so much about us trying to make it through and more about God using different brush strokes and colors to make a more pleasing picture of the Gospel from our lives.

So we embrace our inability and look forward to giving testimony of His great ability.


About Todd Van Dyke

Father, Husband, Son, and most of all lover of Christ.
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4 Responses to The Wrong Answer..

  1. Pam Martin says:

    May this be a beginning of a beautiful Life changing experience for all. God’s Blessing on this new chapter in your lives. Pam

  2. I loved seeing you guys today! Esther is so beautiful. And like I said earlier… Sarah is my new hero : ) I will continue to pray that the Lord will pour out his grace as you guys transition.

  3. Julie Bowling says:

    Well said!

    (my advice to you….don’t look back ever……..(wink) but if you do……you’ll see Grace and Mercy following you)

    We CANT WAIT to be your friends!!!

    Julie Bowling

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